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Search engine optimization requires consistency, patience and focus. At Rankik, we’re exclusively centered on delivering prominent rankings on relevant keywords for our customers. Our business focuses on SEO improvement to increase and drive more traffic to our clients’ websites. Look for the following advantages in our service!

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No up-front payment is required. We start working on your keywords ranking before you pay a dime! Signing up is easy and takes less than a minute. We only request payment information without charging you anything. We start charging only after we improve your keywords ranking positions.

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Only pay when you rank! This motivates us to rank your website as soon as possible. Many other SEO companies will ask for upfront payment before delivering any results. At Rankik, we have a goal to save you money but also provide a effective and fast SEO services with a quality second to none.

Free Keyword Tracking!

Once you enter your keywords and open your account, you get access to our cutting edge keywords tracking dashboard for free! You get to follow your rank for every keyword in Google, Yahoo and Bing in real time. You will also receive notifications when your keyword reaches a milestone ranking.

Free Expert SEO Consultation

We know that your success is our success. So we assist you with your questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and we give you suggestions about on-page optimization for free.

Google Penguin & Panda Compliant

We use State-Of-The-Art search engine optimization methods that comply with latest algorithm changes to search engines like Google Penguin & Panda updates. For more info check out “How it Works” and “FAQ” sections.

Google +1 Optimization

We’re the first SEO company to include Google +1 optimization in our SEO techniques. Google +1 has direct impact on the ranking of your website, so we make sure that your website gets recommended on Google+ as often as possible.

What people are saying

Avatar 1

Rankik exceeded our expectations by helping our site reach the top position on page one of Google’s search results for two very competitive keywords.

David C.Online Retailer

Rankik’s Performance based SEO service is a true game changer in the world of SEO. There are a lot of SEO companies making claims & selling fancy SEO packages, but none of them starts working on a client’s SEO before charging upfront. Rankik on the other hand, doesn’t ask for a payment, until they improve your site’s ranking.

Ken M.Marketing Company

After going through several SEO companies, I was relieved to stumble upon Rankik and their performance based SEO service. Since there were no upfront charges, I decided to give their service a try, and for the first time, I was able to see visible improvements to our search engine rankings.

Samantha G.Travel Company

Rankik is the only SEO company that doesn’t ask for a payment until it actually improves your rankings on Google. This was enough to intreague us to open a free Rankik account and we are very impressed with the progress so far. We now use them for all the SEO work on all our sites.

Marc B.Advertising Agency

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other SEO companies but they were never able to acheive our desired rankings on Google. Rankik delivered much more than what I anticipated and much sooner than I expected. Our website rankings improved dramatically weeks after we joined Rankik.

Steve D.Professional Services