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Our Mission

To provide reliable, fast, effective and affordable performance-based SEO Services for businesses small and big.

Our Focus

To create and manage efficient and lean SEO processes that can sustain themselves for some time in order to save time and resources for our customers to concentrate on their core competencies instead of wasting them on internet marketing practices. In this endeavor, we are proficient and effective and charge only for those services that work, more so in an affordable manner.

No Upfront Charges, No Set-up Fees. Pay only after rankings are achieved.

We do not charge any upfront fee, Set-up Fee and charge you only after the desired rankings are achieved. We believe and understand that search engine optimization needs planning, consistency, patience, temperament and focus to succeed and to this end, we at Rankik are exclusively centered on delivering prominent and desired rankings for relevant keywords to our customers. The primary focus of our SEO services is to increase and improve search engine rankings in order to drive more and relevant traffic to our clients’ websites.

Our Performance-based SEO Services Program

After spending over 3 years in the ever-changing SEO industry, we have decided on this novel approach of offering a service that seriously challenges our delivery capabilities. This novel idea makes the SEO process result driven and raises the momentum on your own SEO efforts.

Our service comes with the following advantages:
• No up-front payment, the service is free until your website is ranked.
• No price fluctuations – the price is locked during the entire process.
• No further hassles or set-up fees, we will set it up for you.
• There is no long-term contract; you can cancel anytime without any liability.
• The charges are applicable only when rankings have risen – “If you don’t rank, you don’t pay.”

Rankik’s Account Creation (3) Steps Process

Step #1 – Enter your Domain URL
Step #2 – Enter Keywords: Select the keywords that you want ranked for: Once you do this, we will show you more related keywords that you can choose from thus laying bare the competition vis-à-vis your search position. Finally, our keyword advantage competitiveness tool will showcase the Keyword SEO opportunity you may have by driving your website and the keyword higher in the search engines. Once you lock in your keywords, a pricing model will be displayed and you can lock your order accordingly.
Step #3 – Create Your Account: Shortly after creating your account and agreeing to the payment plan, you will receive an email that will have confirmation email containing instructions and steps to track your progress.