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1. How does Rankik pricing work?

It is simple, if you don’t rank, you don’t pay.

Rankik provides a performance based SEO service, which means that you only if your keywords rank up in Google, Yahoo or Bing. You are actually enjoying free SEO services and keyword tracking services until your keywords rank up (in the top 30), only then you begin paying a monthly fee in line with the agreed charges when you placed the order. This pricing is unchangeable and is locked for the six month program.

Here’s how it works, once you enter your website’s URL and do your keyword research you see a report containing the pricing for the keywords once they rank.

An example of such report is:
rankik report

So far the keyword is ranked at 30+, you don’t pay anything even though we start optimizing keywords as soon as they are submitted. Once the keyword reaches the rank bracket 30-21 on Google, you pay $15 a month from then on. If your keyword ranks 30-21 bracket on Google as well as Yahoo/Bing, you are charged $15+$10, a total of $37 a month. The maximum charge per month is $130 when the keyword ranks on the top 3 results for both Google ($80) and Yahoo/Bing ($50). Note that each keyword will have different charges depending on current ranking, keyword popularity, and several other factors.

2. Does it mean that Rankik will start improving my site's rankings before I pay anything?


3. Do I pay the same amount each month?

Your payout begins once a keyword ranks in the bracket 30-21 or higher on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Your keyword will be charged differently depending on its ranking tier:
Tier 1 > Positions 21-30 (Lowest)
Tier 2 > Positions 11-20
Tier 3 > Positions 7-10
Tier 4 > Positions 4-6
Tier 5 > Positions 1-3 (Highest)

Charges are ONLY applicable when your keyword ranks from a inferior tier to higher one. In case your keyword already ranks 15th, you will not be charged service charges until it reaches the next tier, which is 7-10 or higher. Please remember that we base the ranking of a keyword on the average rank over the month.

4. On what basis is the rank determined?

In our process, the ranking for a keyword is calculated as an average of the preceding 30 days. However, the current rankings are updated in our system every alternate day. Therefore if your keyword ranks 8th on the 25th of a month but has been at 15th before that, the average ranking will most likely be in the 20-11 rank bracket and thus you will be charged accordingly.

5. How is the monthly charge calculated?

There are many factors that determine the monthly cost. The cost is based on our estimate of work required to get your keyword ranked (mostly from the competition or the monthly searches involved), present ranking and the ease of ranking that a keyword carries. These factors include but are not limited to:
Total Searches amount: the more there are the more popular the keyword is and thus the harder to rank.
SEO Opportunity: if a keyword has an “Excellent” SEO opportunity, it would rank easier than a keyword with “Good” opportunity.
Current rank: if a keyword is already in the top 30 positions it means that it wouldn’t require much work to rank it up.

6. If my keywords already rank below 30, how do you charge?

As specified already, service charges are levied only if the keyword ranks to a higher position. If your keywords rank within 21-30 and if they begin to rank in 11-20 after a month, service charges apply.

7. When does Rankik bill customers?

Rankik bills all customers on the 1st of each month, and the billing charges depend upon the ranking reports across all search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo as on that day. The approved credit card information that you provide serves as the payment method once your keywords rank higher. Remember, the credit card is only charged if your rankings have improved upon the original ranking as on the Activation Date and subject to the condition that the improved rankings are within the top 30 search results on search engines – Google and/or Bing/Yahoo!.

8. How long does this pricing last?

The pricing of the keywords are locked on the Activation Date, and does not change. Once the six month period is over, the customers can avail of the following three options:
• A customer may choose to deactivate keyword(s) at any time without any deactivation fee;
• A customer can opt for a transition to “Rankik’s SEO Services Maintenance Program” as and when the keyword ranking gets into the top 10 positions on the Google search engine. If this option is chosen, the keyword pricing will change to 50% of the original monthly price.
• A customer can cancel the SEO program with the applicable monthly prorated charges applied. Remember, the deactivation fee is not charged on the basis of the six-month program completion.

9. Can I opt out?

Yes, a customer can opt out anytime from the program without any deactivation fee. You pay only for rankings and if you are a paying customer, you are charged only the prorated charges for the current month.

10. Why other SEO service providers don’t do this?

Rankik’s custom-made SEO Opportunity Tool shortlists a set of keywords that your site could use to rank better based on the competition landscape for these keywords or key phrases. This tool’s algorithm takes into account over eighty variables that are important for Search Engines. This makes our approach very unique and thus we are willing to assume the ranking risk upfront.

11. How is Rankik different than other SEO companies?

Rankik is different from other SEO providers since we take on your challenge without any upfront fee and are confident on ranking your keywords better.

12. Is Rankik’s pricing higher than other SEO service providers?

Our pricing is consistently lower than any other Performance Based SEO company.

13. What is the secret behind Rankik’s ranking success?

SEO practices used by Rankik are absolutely industry standard and approved by search engines. They include but are not limited to credible link building, social bookmarking, blog postings, and top directory submissions to build a consistent, customized SEO program for each customer.

With Rankik, you get to use the best professionals available in the industry. Additionally, you pay only for results, which means that we are confident of our experience and abilities.

14. Why is Rankik so confident?

Rankik’s SEO Team partners with a lot of blogs, publishers, and directories. All our activities are permanent in nature and you can check the permanency of the links long after the program becomes inactive. We work very closely with partners to identify unique and relevant opportunities to strengthen our customer’s customized SEO programs.
Our SEO services ensured top ranking for many keywords of our client’s websites and are still out-performing competition.

15. Does Rankik recommend On-Site Social Sharing Buttons?

Yes, we strongly recommend use of Social Sharing buttons, especially Google+ and Facebook Likes. You can create a Goolge+ badge with help from https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/badge/ and a Facebook Like button from http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/

16. Does Rankik accept any website and/or small business?

Rankik accepts most websites across verticals. The only verticals we do not work in are gambling, adult-material, pharmaceuticals, or websites containing offensive content.

17. Does Rankik help with Activation setup and On-Page optimization consultation?

Yes, the on-page optimization consultation is absolutely free. Our system checks your website on-page-optimization requirements based on several criteria and generates feedbacks/suggestions report to improve your website’s on-page-optimization. We let you know when a keyword needs on-page-optimization through email and through the user dashboard. However, we are not responsible for making the on-page-optimization changes.

18. How long does it usually take to achieve rankings?

SEO is a improvements take usually anywhere from one month to several months. Rankings depend on various factors like competition, site analytics and the competition landscape. A good average time could be a month before you can see any increment in ranking. Our experience says that while some programs take weeks to succeed while others take months. So, we tend to assure each customer that any SEO process is a consistent approach that takes discipline, temperament and patience.

19. What is the frequency of the ranking reports?

Rankik provides ranking reports two times a month per email and 24/7 on the customer dashboard which can be accessed by all customers once they opt for any of our programs. The dashboard provides complete access to all Account Information, Keyword Watchlist, Active Keywords, Pending Keywords, Deactivated Keywords, and active keyword ranking progress on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Rankik distributes a Bi-Monthly Ranking Report which is emailed to the Customer’s e-mail address on record on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

20. What is the duration of the contract?

As per the industry, an SEO contract usually lasts for a year. However, we do not need so much time and our contracts begin from a six month period. You have the option of cancelling the contract anytime after six months. Our confidence is so high that you will continue with us.

21. Can I get SEO done only for Google?

Rankik does not do selective SEO based on search engines. We customize each SEO process with all search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo in mind. Since our process take into account volume of work required, we cannot segregate search engines and volumes required for Yahoo and Bing are significantly low compared to Google. So, you will not save much money SEOing only for Google. Also remember that Bing and Yahoo drive about 30% of all internet traffic, so ignoring them would not be a good idea.

22. Can I get partial SEO done?

No, SEO is an integrated process that includes all sub processes and we do not do incomplete SEO.

23. How many resources are allocated to my SEO process?

The factor of resources depends on our estimate of work required to get the keywords ranked.

24. Do you use any “Black Hat” SEO techniques for faster results?

No, we do not use any methods that do not conform to search engine standards. We firmly believe that there is no such thing as faster SEO.

25. What, in your opinion, would be the increase in traffic to my website?

There are too many dependencies to quantify traffic. However, your relevant website traffic is bound to increase since you will be more prominent on the search engines.

26. If I am already hit by Penguin/Panda updates, will you take my case up?

Unless your website has been black-listed, we can take up the case. We will still need to look into historical data before we make a decision.

27. What happens if my rankings fall suddenly as in the last Google updates?

Since we support only organic techniques in our SEO processes, the chances that your website will fall in rankings upon search engine updates is very minimal. If it does happen, it is most likely temporary, and will correct in the next day or two. If it is a persistent change, we decrease charges as per the pricing calculation explanation above.

28. What if my operations are localized to a country, do you also optimize for google.co.in etc..?

Localized SEO is possible depending on the geographical territories you are targeting. Please contact us for relevant services required.

29. Do you have any other payment options?

Paypal is the only approved payment option. However, you can also pay using any major credit card through Paypal.

30. If we already have an SEO process going, can we outsource the same to you?

Yes, you can, however, there is no guarantee that we will follow the same processes, we have our own process and estimates to handle it.

31. Can you help us with building a SEO compatible website?

No, we are internet marketers and not web developers. Contact us if you would like web developers recommendations.

32. Is it true that if we rank high on Google, we will rank the same on other search engines?

No, it is not necessarily true, but if you rank high on Google, you will rank high in other search engines too since the efforts to rank high on Google apply to all other search engines simultaneously.

23. How can I be confident of results?

Across the internet, many websites today use SEO as their main internet marketing weapon, we do not see why you will not get results if we follow a proper path and strategy.

34. How guaranteed are the rankings?

There is no guarantee, it is enough guarantee that we charge you only if your rankings improve.

35. How come, some SEO services guarantee rankings, does Rankik also do that?

SEO, as we had mentioned is an organic process and there is no way anyone can guarantee rankings for any keywords, however, we do not get into controversies and we do not guarantee rankings. We only guarantee our best efforts to rank your keywords and we get paid only if you get ranked.