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Privacy is paramount to every one of us, especially so when we leave our footprint online. Your privacy is of absolute importance to us and we keep it secure at all times. This page explains our privacy policy and is explained wherever possible and wherever your personal information or identifiable information is requested. We do not give out your information to anyone or to any third party websites for any purposes, we use it only for our own purposes and as permitted by you.

Double-click DART Cookies and Google Adsense

We presently do not serve any ads on this site. However, on our website and our sister websites, whenever we decide to run third party advertisements, Google Adsense will be our first preferred vendor. Google being an advertisement vendor uses DART cookies to serve advertisements. These cookies contain information about your visits to our website(s). You are opted-in for DART cookies by default, but there is way to opt out of the same. To do so by understanding the content-network-policy of Google, you can visit the url at Tracking cookies and DART cookies used by Google are a subject matter of Google’s privacy policies.

Akin to Google, there may be other advertisement networks or third party servers may make use of their own cookie technology to track users on our website(s) fro various reasons like measuring the effectiveness of their promotional activities which are subject to their own privacy policies. Rankik, as you may understand, has no control over or access to such policies or cookie technology used by such third party advertisement vendors.

Our policy on collection of personal information

When you visit, the IP address that you used to visit us will be logged automatically along with the time and date of your visit. This information is stored and used by us only for the purposes of tracking user movements, analyze our own traffic trends, site administration and gathering varied geographical information to ascertain our own marketing efforts and bring more services to you as required (internal use only). Please note that these IP addresses are not in any way linked to your personal information.

The collection of your personal information if for purely statistic or commercial purposes between you as a customer and us as providers. We do not use this information to send out advertisements or for use of third parties for sending unsolicited communication. Your information is safe with us. The information can only be provided to law enforcement agencies upon written request without any prior information to you.

Outgoing links to other websites

You may find a lot many useful links on the rankik website that will redirect you to other websites. These sites may contain some relevant and useful information for you. Our responsibility does not include these sites and how they use the information that you provide them is guided by their own privacy policies. Kindly check their policies before offering any identifiable information on their sites.

Updates to this privacy statement

Our privacy policy is subject to changes at our own discretion without any notice to the user of Rankik. Although, they will always be in support of protecting your interests, it is recommended that you check them periodically to weed out any gaps in understanding.

For any queries or questions on our privacy policy, kindly contact us here.