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Terms & Conditions

The website, its integrated software, programs and applications, content, features and information provided are the express property of Rankik (hereinafter called the “website”) and cannot be copied or duplicated in any manner whatsoever. By the use – visit or using application on this websites, the visitor/user agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions of services offered. The use and compliance are effective as of 05/01/2012. You are encouraged and advised to read and understand the following terms and conditions of use and service diligently as below before proceeding further.

The website, it entire content and back end programs and software is made available by Rankik and can be used subject to:


a. If Rankik fails to produce any significant ranking increase on specified keywords and they continue to rank well above 30, you have the option to cancel the services without paying anything. Please remember, we do not guarantee any specific addition to your customers or traffic. We also do not guarantee any sales or any perfect placement of your keywords with any specific search engines. You pay only if your rankings improve within the top 30 search engine results as per the charges applicable.
b. Rankik’s service does not in any way include paid advertising or paid search marketing like online or offline advertising, pay per click (PPC) programs, web design, onsite optimization or any other allied or specified services not mentioned or mentioned in the specific SEO agreement.
c. Opting for any kind of parallel or similar services from other parties during the contract with Rankik without the written permission from Rankik, expressed will be in direct violation of these terms and services. Provable knowledge of the same can result in terminating the SEO agreement with immediate effect without any refunds or guarantees.
d. Rankik is not liable for any content existing or added to the client sites by the client or any other third parties during the contract period or otherwise. If any objectionable material is found on the website that may be the cause for it being blacklisted by search engine, the SEO contract is automatically rendered void and no refunds and guarantees will be offered.
e. Rankik is not responsible for changed content or changed features on the client’s website without prior written consent and approval. Since SEO depends on multiple factors, such change in content and features may and will have an adverse effect on search engine rankings. Loss in rankings due to such changes is not the liability of Rankik and will not endorse the same after being effected. Rankik is also not liable for prior or later SEO changes effected on the site in any manner. If the changes are made without consent, the SEO contract will be terminated automatically without any refunds or guarantees.
f. Rankik is committed to provide only ethical and organic SEO services and we adopt only those services and changes that meet the criterion set by the search engines and meet their approval in total. All search engine guidelines are strictly adhered to and we do not deviate from this in any manner whatsoever.


This website is owned and operated by Rankik and is free to use and browse in terms with the privacy policy is place. The users are free to get information and use the features as they deem fit. However, Rankik reserves the right to terminate a user/users or visitor/visitors from browsing or using the website at any time with proper notice or
without one.

User website access: The access to the website is limited and use of the same is exclusive. The use and access is not transferrable. The website use is also restricted as per the terms of service and is liable to be revoked or terminated by the owner or provider at any time, without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Limited use: The users may use this website for personal and non-commercial use only on a visitor basis. Members or clients of Rankik may however use it at a much deeper level and on a commercial basis. All resources, free and paid may be used on an individual or an organizational basis only. A visitor is strictly forbidden from displaying, copying, licensing, distributing, performing, publishing, revising, reproducing, transmitting or transferring any content, products, information, services or software available on the website.

Rights and Obligations: All rights and obligations are assigned as per the usage status and they may, in manner whatsoever, be sub-licensed, assigned or transferred to any thirty party(ies) as per these terms.

Limitations on Liabilities and Disclaimers: Visitors may use this website for free, however, the usage itself is subject to the following liability and disclaimer conditions which are to be strictly adhered to:

a. The website availability to user and visitors at any given point of time is subject to the norms of the web and the hosting providers. Rankik will do its best to make sure that the website is available at all times, however, interruptions and delays with respect to the delivery of the site is not guaranteed. Rankik does not absorb any liabilities arising from such delivery issues and all information provided to visitors comes without any implies warranties or guarantees.
b. Liablity and accountability owing to provision of site information or production, its content, features that appear on the site does not in anyway attach to Rankik or any third parties involved in the same. Also, the injury or damages arising from defects, computer viruses, errors, line failures, interruption, delayed operation or transmission, inability to use features or software, omission, technical glitches or failure in performance does not attach to Rankik or any third parties involved in delivery of the website. This disclaimer is good even in the event of any representative(s) of Rankik or any negligence on their part exists.
c. Rankik owns all content and features of the website and is not liable for any errors that may crop from typographical errors, wrong descriptions, twisted images or pricing information. However, Rankik thrives to ensure that all content on the website is kept accurate as far as possible.
d. Rankik reserves it right to remove, edit, rework any content, images , software or any such existing materials. This can be undertaken in cases of site revision, or if the licenses to use such materials is curtailed. This disclaimer, in most cases will not apply to site visitors since the applicable laws may disallow limitation or exclusion for incidental or consequential damages.
e. The content available on this website may not be accurate or the site-material comprehensiveness is not guaranteed in any manner whatsoever. Moreover, the content is neither confidential nor can be taken as legal advice. The risk arising out of usage of the content on this website or content linked form this site is entirely on the shoulders of the visitor.

Links to External Websites: Rankik does not take any responsibility of contents of any third party websites that link to Rankik.com. The potential repercussions arising out of such linking is not Rankik’s responsibility. Since Rankik cannot control the number of types of sites that link to Rankik.com, users can access such third party sites at their own risk. More so, Rankik cannot be held responsible for terms of use or privacy policies of such third party websites.

Endorsements: Rankik does not expressly or otherwise endorse any third party or external websites and neither does it endorse their features, information provided or content. In short, Rankik does not have any relationships with such linked third party or external websites or their proprietors or owners.

Accountability: Visitors to Rankik’s website agree to, by using the website, to not hold accountable and extend support against all damages, claims, losses and costs, expenses that includes attorney fee, Rankik and any of its employees, managers, licensors, agents, third party information providers and suppliers.

Revisions and Mistakes: Rankik is not responsible for any content on linked external websites and thus does not claim their authenticity in terms of content, defects, viruses, mistakes or any other problems and neither does it guarantee their availability 24 x 7. The reliability, accuracy or correctness of content on such sites is not Rankik’s responsibility. However, Rankik can update or change information on its own website by its own or through third parties.

Material provided by third parties: Content on Rankik’s website may be provided by third parties or can be made available through links. This content is for information only and Rankik cannot be held accountable or responsible for its accuracy or correctness. Rankik is not liable for defamation, infringement, falsehood, mistakes, libel omissions, mistakes, profanity or pornography in any form in the third party content appearing on this website or through external links. Rankik does not support or endorse any opinions or information in the third party content appearing on this website.

Changes to Conditions of Use: Rankik reserves the right to revise or change these conditions of use at any time and all revisions or changes are effective at the time that they go live on the website. It is suggested that visitors review these terms responsibly form time to time. Usage of the site and continued usage after changes in the conditions of use translate to implied content and thus all visitors are bound by the published conditions of use all the time.

Security and Privacy Concerns: At Rankik, all of us are committed to protect customer and visitor privacy. Therefore, all information pertaining to all clients and visitors is deemed strictly confidential and is collected with the sole intent of processing orders. Data security is paramount and access to such data is limited to our employees who have the necessary security clearance. Data redundancy is in place and all possible security measures are in place to protect the same. Rankik guarantees that all personal information will be held secure and will never be rented or sold to any third parties for any reason whatsoever. However, if for any reason, a law enforcement agency or the court of law requires the data in the process of investigation or whatever reasons, we will liable to give out such relevant information to the agency or agencies. The privacy policy in place, however, does not establish or intends to establish legal or contractual rights on behalf of the party in any way.

All possible security measures are in place to make sure that all customers are protected against loss, misuse or alteration of any information kept under our control. Rankik ensures that all such data is stored in a secure database with limited access and is kept confidential at all times unless the client advises otherwise.

Personal information of all visitors and customers – names, emails, contact numbers, addresses and all pertinent information will never be rented out, sold or shared with anyone, any organization (except law enforcement agencies and any court of law) without the express permission of the person in question. The pertinent information is only available to Rankik’s employees who are authorized to use the information and have enough security clearance to do so for specific purposes like contacting, emailing etc. In instances that warrant information disposal for any other purposes, the visitors have the right to accept or reject our use of personal information for specific purposes.

Rankik’s commitment to information disposal is visitor-dependent and if a visitor desires so, the information can be used to harness other opportunities for the visitor. In such an event, the client will always be informed of the same ahead of time. All or any of the visitors can opt for receiving opportunities form third parties as desired.

All changes to our privacy policies will be announced at least three days before they come into effect on the home page as well as by email.

Trademarks: Any third party trademarks, copyrights or material/content on this website are fully protected and belong to the owners. The terms and conditions set herein and the laws prevent and prohibit visitors from displaying, distributing, copying, reproducing, revising, publishing transmitting or selling part or full site content with public or commercial intent without express written consent from Rankik or a third party (for third party content displayed on the website). Use of all or any trademarks is strictly forbidden.

Sponsors and Advertisers: All content and material displayed on this website through third parties (be it from sponsors or advertisers) is not Rankik’s responsibility and all accuracy, correctness and other factors pertaining to the same (information, material or content submitted for publication) must be compliant with the existing applicable laws. Rankik does not accept any liability arising from information given in by third parties.

Accessibility: Any content uploaded by visitors or materials submitted for publication or otherwise automatically comes with a cession to Rankik an ongoing, irreversible, royalty-free, global, non-exclusive license and right, with a right to sub-license to – revise, employ, publish, reproduce, digitally display, or distribute such materials/content in the current form or in any other form, technology or medium existing or developed in the future. This clause also applies to content/material used by visitors on their behalf or on behalf of the original owner who grants the same by assumption or default. It is explicitly understood that visitors will not take any action, legal or otherwise against Rankik for assumed or actual misappropriation or infringement of any right (proprietary) in communication with the company or the website.

No soliciting or visitor selling: Without an explicit and written consent from Rankik, any visitors to the website cannot distribute or display content or material that features marketing, promoting, selling or advertising products, services or subscriptions/memberships. In the interactive sections of the website where the visitors can submit their account information, the section that recommends third party websites is done so without any financial interest whatsoever. Solicitation that involves information retrieved from the website is strictly prohibited.

Violations of Terms & Conditions – Recourse Actions

Rankik reserves the exclusive right to investigate alleged violations, violations, or complaints of these conditions of use. In such cases where the violations are suspected or proven, Rankik can undertake deemed action that is appropriate that my include, but not limited to prohibition of access to predetermined URL’s of the website and any other sister/affiliate websites and/or certain features and software access; may report such alleged unlawful violations or activity to the right law enforcement agencies, officials, or any other third parties as deemed fit; present the actual and relevant information to the above mentioned parties (i.e. IP address and/or email addresses, traffic statistics, posted information, user profiles and usage history).

In case you have any queries in regard to the terms of service or the conditions of use set above, please contact us today.